Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back to Old Paths

Ok so I haven't been able to thread wrap the pieces for the kiku bridge yet. Last week was spring break for the kiddos and I had them to myself all week.  I am afraid when I have both of them home for the summer that I will have to stop taking custom orders, because I have NO IDEA how much work is really going to get done.

 It is for that reason I decided not to enter any of the conventions this year.  Frankly I'm just not ready financially to make the investment into display cases and signs and new cards and table fees.  Makes me very sad but I have a family and small children to consider first.

After I have finished posting the last of the pieces I have been working on, I have decided to go back to temari.  I still have all my supplies, and I want just a few to have in the shop to show.

I have also been working in new mediums, moving back to satin kanzashi in a new technique learned from a friend, ImlothMelui.  She has such great talent, and I have been studying her hot glue technique in order to make a few satin kanzashi for the top hats I have stowed away and never finished.  I'm doing a prototype for my daughter, and we shall see how well it goes.

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