Friday, May 23, 2014

Going through the Back Log

Mardi Gras Kanzashi
 Its been a busy day at the Temple!  Got started with some photography early, going through a back log of pieces I had yet to photograph even though I finished them in February. 
Rose Garden Temari

Custom Set 

SO The custom set turned out really well.  The blue fireworks kanzashi came out just great, and the rotational bira bira was a huge success.  I managed to get about 350 degrees of rotation out of it. but if I had wired it for a full 360 it would have fallen off the back of the fork.  I am sure this design will do better with sticks than forks. 

More good news, I have finished thread wrapping that chrysanthemum bridge I started forever ago.  It is ready to be framed and have the leaves attached.  Then I have to re-wrap the frame.  Still lots of work on that piece, but coming along again!

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