Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sales and Designs

 Yep, it's me!

The only photo I have from the burlesque show. But it has a good shot of the table and for me, the picture came out pretty well.  I don't usually post pics of myself, but I wanted to post something from the show. 

The two bottom pieces were sold Monday and shipped off yesterday!  With these two last minute purchases, I have almost made enough to cover the costs of the show.  Which is all I really wanted anyway. 

Now I am working some prototype pieces, a gift to a friend.  She gave me 3 colors to work with, purple, blue, and red.  I couldn't get the red to work in with purple and blue, so I broke up one medium sized piece into a variety of 3 small pieces.

What I am really excited about though, is I have engineered (aka sketched) a design for a rotational bira bira.  I have it worked out so it forms its own loop and can be attached with a jump-ring for easy movement, and will look correct, no matter how you hang your kanzashi. That is the next piece I am working on, and should have a prototype soon!

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