Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Japanese Fabrics

SO! Some of you may know that my sister lives in Australia right now, and for my birthday she and my mother are sending me pieces of the two beautiful fabrics I have pictured.  You can click the picture to see the original size and the details of the prints.
These are obi textiles, silk brocade, very expensive.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with them yet.  I am always open to suggestion!
Ornament balls seems like a waste, I would never use all that fabric on something like that.  But a large kanzashi or a hairband or cuff bracelet might be nice.  Even a barrette. 

I have been working a new style of kiku temari that isn't coming out so well.  Instead of laying one string on top another as you stitch, i was going to slip one underneath and make more of a spindle appearance.  But the guidelines have moved, of course, and now I am not sure if the end result will make it in the shop.  Honestly I am very disappointed that I couldn't keep this one together.  I am usually quite good at the kiku.

I have started thread wrapping the leaves to the chrysanthemum bridge.  Thought I would never get back to that one, did you?  Well, its back underway and the leaves are over half done.  Then i will wrap the kikus and attach the leaves as a single piece before mounting.  that way I only have five main stems to wrap the final frame around.

I am also looking into using less copper wire and more coated brass wire. The brass is stronger and less flexible, and will be good for frames and stems for multi flowered pieces.  I can hopefully use lighter gauges of wire to make the pieces less heavy.

Now, I am going to go enjoy my birthday today!!!!

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