Saturday, September 27, 2014

Final Kiku and Updates

This was the final result of the kiku.  It took two more layers rather than one, but it came out really well.

I tried making a leaf piece for it, but it was too big.  Which means I will have to remake it, but I know what size I need now, so hopefully this will be the last time.

Then it will be wired on to a large alligator hair clip at customer's request.

Also, ornaments are coming back !!!
 I've made 3 so far, and this last one is being a total pain.  I still need to wrap them with ribbon to seal the fabric ends and give them something to hang from.  Maybe bells.

Also I have been working Storenvy transfer like crazy.  I have finished working most of the listings, everything except the ornament balls.  I am considering re-taking those pictures as well. But it is getting late in the year already, and my time is running short. 

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