Monday, October 13, 2014

Too Busy!

Dark Lover's Quilted Ornaments
My first custom order for ornaments this season came through, and it took forever to complete them. I've been crazy busy, as you can see in the pictures below, most of this work was done in the last two weeks.  

The Butterflies are made with cherry party in blue, with shades of light and dark wisteria and light and dark denim blue. I had to do FOUR SETS, which means 8 butterflies in total.  I just got them glued to their bobby pins over the weekend, and they turned out really well.
Kiku with Leaf

 The kiku finally managed to get its leaf attached.  It is almost complete, I just have to attach the alligator clip.
Bright Pink and New Grass Green

The pink and green piece was another order I had roll through in the made to order listings.

New Events on the Docket:  Have to finish this huge custom order, including several satin pieces I need to remake. 

I also need to take an inventory of what colors I have in supply and re-do the made to order color selections.  I never added printed fabrics, and there are very few examples of what the colors actually are.  I also want to re-work my pricing guide. 

Look for new clearance items coming soon for the holiday season!

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