Friday, October 24, 2014

Hydrangea Bridge Coming

As if I haven't had enough on my plate lately, with custom orders rolling in for the Halloween Costume season, I have begun a new project.  And now seemed like a good time since it always takes me MONTHS to get one of these truly finished.

Its a Hydrangea bridge, of green, purple, blue, and green (in that order), with leaves.  I planning a grouping of seven flowers each, except that I am not sure how many I will need for a proper grouping size, so its still a guess. 

The centers I have decided to change from my old style with the bell cap and pearl to a flower stamen grouping, a little more realistic.  And since some of the new brand of bell caps I have purchased have been RUSTING in storage, I either coat the heck out of them in glue to seal the metal, or just use something else, in this case, a pearl flower stamen.

Also I am still working ornaments, and have several I just haven't taken pictures of yet.  I am still waiting to get another 2 - 3 done before I wrap the ribbons on this batch and probably photograph and list them all at once. 

I still have a few custom orders in the background, and some family projects I do every year I have to complete.  And with my son home with me now most of the day time to work has been whittled down to a few minutes a day.

And the Wisteria is still sitting on my work desk, crying to be finished.  All it really needs is a nice butterfly and the hair fork attachment.  And a final thread wrapping once everything's attached.  *sigh. 

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