Friday, September 12, 2014

Store Updates

 Custom Order
I have been working like mad now that my kids are back in school and I have time! 

The last of the photos from the shoot in August are finally finished with editing.I still have some work to do, make up for some shots I missed and probably go back and rework several pieces that need thread wrapping for exposed wire or tape.  Then I will have to re-shoot those pieces again.

I finished my momiji custom order seen in the pic on the right.  I used all gold colored wiring where I could, and thread wrapped the end, which I did not do in her referenced piece.  But its her wedding, so hey, why not. 

I still have another custom order I have to finish.  The purple rounded petal with rhinestone center she wants redone in shades of deep red and china red.  I still have several satin pieces I started, but have decided to redo.  I didn't like the way they came out, it looked sloppy and you could see the glue in the petals, the center did not cover it  up enough.  So there's that.

But hopefully I will be finished all this by the beginning of October, when I plan to start picking up ornament balls again.  They were so popular last year, I have to continue them. It's going to mean a stop at some fabric stores for discounted holiday fabrics to work with, I should go count my coupons, lol. 

The website transfer is still postponed.  I had hoped to have opened it by now, but alas, with everything going on, it's difficult to make it a priority.  Family comes first.  And being sick doesn't help.  But things are back on track so hopefully I will get the website transferred before the year is out.

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