Saturday, December 27, 2014

Shop changes. New brand coming soon!

bullets :

1 - shop name will change
2 - no more made to order listings
3 - kanzashi pieces are going on clearance. 
4 - ornaments will take over shop inventory.

I am not excited about this change.  Giving up kanzashi is not something I wanted to do.  I love my flowers, and my shop. But I do not have the ability to work at the demand made to order requires.  I will still take custom work on occasion. It is my most favorite sale to make. But I no longer have the time and energy required to be a dedicated kanzashi artist.
I think we have discovered the root cause of my health problems. Which gives me hope, and fear.  I have poly cystic ovarian disorder. It causes very poor hormone levels, including my type 2 diabeties. It can also give you cancer, if you have it bad enough.  And i have it pretty bad. I go to a new obgyn for testing soon. Let's just hope my worst case scenario is a partial hysterectomy.  Not kemo.
In light of all this, i at least have a path to follow to get better. I am not what you would call obese, but i am at least a few pounds over my bmi. So my time now must be dedicated to exercise. Religiously.  Even 10 pounds can regulate my ovaries again. And reduce my fatty liver disease.  Yeah. I have that too.
So as i lay here in bed with the flu, typing all this on my phone, i realize th as the this was a year of letting go. I lost several close friends, had deaths in the family, gave up kanzashi, and had my son diagnosed with autism.  Hoping for a better 2015.

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