Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Still haven't picked a name....

So it is official, I have given up kanzashi.  Well making it at least.  That was until I found 5 or 6 new books that I had never seen before hidden in an Etsy shop.  And I am totally going to buy them, like the one photographed on the right I just purchased.  Before they go out of print, I am spending my earnings on beefing up my collection of designs.  This one contains the most new flower designs, so I grabbed it first.  It should be here in 2 weeks to a month. 

I'm not making it anymore though. New books or not. 

I still have to settle on a shop name, and I might just stick with Lilyashes.  Although someone on DeviantART has already taken that title.  So I was thinking something like Lily's Crafts, or something like that.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I am working ornaments, trying to drum up some sales to buy more books.  I have a teal and gold one that needs trimming, and another in purple black and gold that is almost finished.  Both of them are coming out well.  I have more color schemes and material than I know what to do with, I just need the time to work, and my fingers not to give out.  Those little nubs on the satin pins can be damaging! But two or three more and I will have enough to set up a photography session.  I am also going to remake a few that I have sold off, such as the lovely Pink Lady, and I have several fabrics I have not even cut to make balls with yet.  Plus I have been searching the net to find new patterns and designs, instead of the general 3 - 4 layers of satin.  So hopefully I can increase my variety in ornaments and make some sales!

For more kanzashi books, lol.

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