Thursday, January 29, 2015

Embroidery Work in Progress

Stats :

Fabric : cotton poly ( this is a practice piece )
Thread : dmc cotton
Technique : crewel stem stitch and satin stitch.  Though I used a lot of Japanese silk embroidery patterns and rules.
Size : 2 in x 6 in

So it came out pretty well for my first attempt at this pattern.  I learned a lot and that's what really matters.  I have a few more details to put in, some stamens for the flowers and maybe a petal or two more but there isn't much room for more than that.  I used a lot of motifs from japanese embroidery and followed silk embroidery rules for the butterfly and cherry blossoms.  You can just BARELY see the grey lines that are my pattern.  Most of it rubbed off, and I have been informed that a friction pen, with ink that will iron out, is what I require for transferring patterns.  I will eventually cut this out and try to make a bookmark out of it as best i can.  Then I will order some vinyl sleeves and tassels. 
The next time I attempt this piece it will probably be on some brown linen.  Or maybe I will just dye what I have with some coffee grounds. 

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