Wednesday, January 21, 2015


So I am being kinda brave here.  I know I have a lot of mistakes in this piece, but I have been working this intermediary level, all satin stitch embroidery.  Mainly to practice stitching angles, different winding directions, and just plan flat and even satin stitch.  It took 2 months to finish the first two blossoms, and then I had to put it down for a while when orders and work got heavy for the shop.  Unfortunately this is only the first of 2 pillowcases, lol.

But I truly feel I have learned enough about satin stitch to start something more like silk shading.  I also picked up a few new books, (lol, yes, I have quite a library), that covers different stitch techniques for decorative borders and such. I think I am going to start experimenting with furoshiki, or just panels or calligraphy.

So as I run off on vacation this weekend I will still be bringing my embroidery with me, and a sketchbook.  One is for practice, one is for making plans for new product designs.  I might even manage a new ornament or two over the next few weeks.  But I am running low on the foam bases so I won't be as eager until I can sell a few more of those.

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