Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Listings!!

I took a lot of time this weekend to go through the backlog of pieces I had that needed to be photographed, a few I added that needed fixing, and a few more that just needed a few steps for completion.  None of the kanzashi I posted were actually made this year.  Also I had a backlog of 6 ornaments to be included in the shoot at well.  So it was a long shoot. 

Then I sat and watermarked each photograph and listed every piece all in the same night.  I managed to update deviantART today but only with ornaments.  Still working on the kanzashi side. 

I am almost finished transitioning my space down to just one craft.  I have been hand-stitching embroidery again, the same pillowcases I was working on for several months before I put it down to begin the Christmas season, last July.  But now that the kanzashi is cleaned up, I can finally make room for some different crafts.  I still have a few more foam balls left in supply, about 5 - 6, and then I will put the quits on that until I make some sales.

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