Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ornaments and Updates

So the new name has begun, I have not changed all the URL's yet but it is coming.  I still need to change my business forms and taxes, so I probably won't change the URLs until then.

Honestly I hate the new color.  I have finally decided it needs fixing, but when I will get around to it is another question. 

I have several balls to post, the two on the bottom being complete, the two on the top picture I was playing with color and patterns.  Sometimes the best way to learn is to just do a new pattern.  I want to be ambitious and try a spiral pattern, but I have a ton of inventory to catch up with first. 

I am going to the Motchisuki celebration they are holding here in Dallas. I am pretty excited, I went once before, but it was several years ago and my children were still babies.  This should be an interesting experience for them.  I wish I could dress in kimono, but I honestly have to lose some weight first.  I have 2 kimono now, but I am so big around the middle I don't quite fit.  Not like obese, just bigger than a japanese woman, lol. 

As part of my medical treatment I have to exercise regularly.  As if chasing a sensory processing disorder autistic child around wasn't enough.  So I am sill keeping custom orders down, until I can lose some weight and hopefully get my health back in order. 

I am going to try and wrap up some of the kanzashi I have outstanding on my desk collecting dust.  Like wisteria. I also have a box of pieces that need fixing, and I might work on those too.  But I need a back up plan becasue I am going to run out of foam balls for ornaments soon.  And I am down to my last box of pins.

That did not stop me from going to the fabric store today and stocking up on a new brocade, and some gold highlight fabric. Coupons! Woohoo!! So after I finish the pink ball I am working, I will start the new green brocade I just picked up and already cut tonight.  Then I will spend some wrapping and doing a photoshoot for all 6 I will have at that point. 

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