Monday, August 31, 2015

More Ornaments on the way

There are actually 4 more on the way, I have a blue gradient that I am working on as well.  When that one is finished it will be time for trimmings and listings.

So as you can see I have one remake of the pink lady, cause I have sold her more times than not.  I was going to redo the mauve one, but went with the brighter fuchsia at the last minute.  The green one I finished probably a year to 9 months ago and just getting around to putting trimming on it. It just sat on my desk, waiting until the time was right.

I'm probably going to run with ornaments a few more weeks.  I have a 1/2 lb box of pins on the way from amazon, lol. And I still have at least 25-30 foam balls still.  I should be set for a while.

I also put in that order a nice sized container of Nori Paste, or rice glue.  I could make it myself, but honestly, I don't have the energy or drive for that, and it often molds.  Plus this will get me to makeing kanzashi sooner than later. I am pretty excited about the prospect of using real hand dyed silk and the traditional method.  Especially seeing as Elizabeth Comer is the one who dyed it and sent it to me!

Please remember all this is for charity.  Every sale goes toward Elizabeth's Medical Fund. Click the link to donate directly.   We are still hanging out steady at $625.  I was hoping to break a grand before the end of the month.  So, back to work for me!

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