Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Next piece attempt

I couldn't wait to give it another go. I really pushed to finish this part tonight. I had originally planned to use a pink variant, but didn't have anything pre-cut that matched. The purple matched so well, and i wanted to try with different colors. 
So in the end she's a mix of wisteria, pearl, and pink cherry blossom print. Soon she will have matching leaves and a shidare of course.
The wire technique to attach to the new hair pins is getting easier. I worry though. It's not a refined, finished look, like the previous were.  But they fit, and are far more comfortable.
I want to work a few smaller pieces next, some tri-blossom pieces with a simple shidare, or even a rotational bira bira. I haven't made one of those in some time. Just trying to break up the monotony of my product. I've been needing  to expand my selection for some time now. I have been pushing myself outside my normal technique with several of these new pieces. Now if I could just land some sales!

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