Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Pieces and New Thyroid Cancer Awareness Product Line

Well, I finally seem to have a handle on the rounded petal chrysanthemum swirl pattern.  Even though it is basically working backwards for me, it seems to have come out ok.  I particularly like the one with leaves.  She has wisteria purple, hazy cherry blossom print in pink, and pearl for the bulk.  The other has kelly green, white, and a patterned fabric of white and green.  Both have brass/gold colored accents and the new hair forks (which I need practice with).  Both are thread wrapped in white with gold filament thread, which is the same thread used in the shidare. 
Then there is this piece, which takes some explaining.  So as you all must know by now, I am fundraising for my friend Elizabeth Comer's thyroid cancer surgery.  She's ImlothMelui on Etsy or  EruwaedhielElleth on DeviantART.
So the colors of thyroid cancer awareness are aqua or teal, pink, and purple, hence the theme for this piece.  After some digging I rediscovered those silver butterfly charms that I have at least 30 of and haven't used in the 2 years since I purchased them.  The butterfly is also symbolic of thyroid cancer awareness since the thyroid itself is a shape that resembles a butterfly.
I'm planning a while line of these.  I have my double cherry blossom down, next would be a kiku, but I think I am going to move on to some small blossom clusters since I am kinda getting sick of the kiku.  Maybe I can figure out how to make a tricolor swirl pattern, when I am ready to get back to those.

But next up is more photos.  I am up to another 6 pieces or so that need photographs.  Eventually I have a feeling I need to call my photographer buddy to do another shoot.  All the backgrounds for these pieces look yellow, even though they are a white surface. And I can't ever quite seem to get them bright enough.  Stupid camera phone, lol.  But it's all I have.

Keep checking back for new pieces and don't forget to donate to Elizabeth's campaign HERE.

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