Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Thyroid Awareness Piece

So this is piece 7 since my last photo shoot, it's time for another. I need to finish one more piece before that happens, but it is 50% completed. So either tonight or tomorrow night I will set up for another shoot. Hopefully I will have everything listed before the weekend.
I recieved news on Elizabeth Comer's status! The surgery went well, she has been released from the hospital,  and staying with family in Little Rock until she is well enough to travel. But that's not all!
The doctors also believe that the cancer had not had a chance to spread, and therefore has been completely removed!
The wonderful girl is do thoughtful, she sent me a box of supplies before her surgery last Friday!  Hand dyed silk, stamens, an assortment of hair pins (the 4 inch kind with the loop on top) and cording. I am not ashamed to admit I cried. A lot.  But next month when I have some money again, I will pick up a jar of rice paste to use with the silk. Frankly, I am too lazy to make it by hand. Then maybe some spider mum kanzashi, which I have wanted to make since Elizabeth gave me instructions when we first met.
I am also happy to announce that we have made over 10% of the gofundme campaign! Click the link for a direct donation, or make a purchase in the shop and all sales go directly to the fund until the end of the year. This includes custom orders! 
October is not long away, so get your orders in now so it will be in hand/hair for your upcoming costume party! I have a full supply of yellows, oranges, reds, white, black, and greens. And several prints in yellow, red, black, and blue.

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