Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Listings Again

 It has been an interesting turn of events today.  Friday I got a suggestion from a close friend of mine, that the texas theater would let me rent the place for about $250, and hold a benifit in Elizabeth Comer's name.  They would run a movie which I can have someone provide, and all ticket sales would go to her. I just don't know if I could raise the money for the rental much less get people to show up.  It's risky.  

I did photos saturday night, and surprising to say I don't like the way many of the shots came out.  Many of the backgounds look yellow to me, especially with the white petals to compare the backdrop against. 

The rounded petal kiku's photographed especially well. 

I listed all the double cherry blossom style separately.  It seems easier that way since many of the ones with print are expensive.  It made the rounded petal kiku's much more costly with the extensive use of patterns which are WAY more expensive than solids. 

One of the pieces is missing, however, the thyroid awareness double cherry blossom started to unravel at the base, so I have to fix it.  That and I went through and re-organized my inventory, pulled a few pieces out to chunk in the trash, some of my originals that never sold.  Not even in clearance.  Not that I blame you guys, I mean, I kinda sucked in the beginning.

Anyway, I made a sale today, one of the balls of course.  The pink lady has been sold once again.  It's quite the popular color scheme, not sure why.  Guess this means I will have to go back to remaking a few balls and putting the christmas ones on the backburner until after October.

I want to do some pointed petal kiku's eventually, and balls will come back since school is in session for my kiddos.  Sitting in the car line with half an hour to spare means plenty of time for stitching and ornaments.

The Elizabeth Comer fund is up to $600 with today's sale. Hopefully these will take in a little more.

Elizabeth is doing well in recovery and depending on results may not have to have radioactive scans.  

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