Saturday, September 19, 2015

Out of Surgery. ...

Well, surgery went ok. A few surprises, but nothing alarming.
Meanwhile I am stuck in bed and working ornaments.  I finished pinning this one today, and started the third color pattern in this set. After I wrap up that one I have the pink lady to remake once more, since I just gave it to a friend as a gift. And she totally deserved it ;)
After THAT I have set aside another 2 color patterns to do, just in case I finish quickly.  Since my calluses have come back, the work has been going much faster. But I still don't have enough ribbon to cover all the balls I have finished. And i don't have the spending cash to spare with everything else going on lately. Just not this month.
And sadly to say, the photo shoot did not come out.  The pictures are incredibly dark almost like a night shot, even though we had 2 photography lamps and an overhead light. But since we only shot half the pieces, we were going to have to have another session anyway. Which will give time to find a better backdrop, because the yellow in the wall is showing through the fabric and i think that's why I hate most of my own photos. The backdrop always looks dingy and off colored.

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