Friday, September 25, 2015


Ok so as you can see I am up to 10 ornaments that need trimming.  And I still have a few more in mind while i am held up in bed. I had to spend the ribbon money on a chirimen order this month instead to fulfill a custom order.  I should be back on my feet by the time it arrives. But ornaments will just have to wait.

The last photo shoot i did did NOT come out, so I'm holding a reshoot next week. This time we will make sure we get all the pieces as well.  Look for those hopefully late next week!

I still have 6 finished ornaments to shoot too.

So much to do still, but i can't do much in the way of anything new till i either have my chirimen in hand or October arrives so i can purchase trimming for 10 ornaments.

And I'm running low on my precut fabrics supply.  Which means lots of ironing, starching, and rotary cutting. At least for ornament fabrics. I need to cut lots of chirimen, too, especially when the new order arrives next week.  Ice blue, 2 kinds of pink, wisteria, gold flecked red and gold flecked on black, and more wine red. I had some precut wine pieces, but not enough to do a piece. And i want to remake the lavender and light blue and white "sister kanzashi" I made forever ago. Then probably another couple of lighter colored thyroid cancer awareness pieces in pastels.

And when I finish ALL that it will probably be Christmas.  Lol!  But I still have that silk and nori paste to work with if I finally finish everything I have planned in my head. Which will definitely take a while....

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