Friday, September 11, 2015

Two More Ornaments.....Ok, Maybe Three

I finished the blue one and realized I need more ribbons than I have to finish off my pieces.  That shopping trip will have to wait a while as I am under a lot of pressure from medical bills.  Just have to budget for it, and with the expense of a brick of pins and other odds and ends, I have blown it for this month.

I still have plenty of materials, and plan on a variety of the bottom one, a pink, aqua, and lavender piece for Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Seeing as all this goes to someone with thyroid cancer, the color scheme seemed fitting. I might have enough ribbon to wrap that one, but several others are just going to have to wait. I will use up what I can, and then just have to go back to kanzashi. What will I ever do? LOL!

Also I still haven't cut the silk yet, so that is still to come as well.

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