Thursday, October 8, 2015

Custom Order Complete and Other Projects!

WELL, it's going to be a crazy month.

So the custom order is finished, and I haven't even had time to post since photos on last Monday.  It has been a whirlwind of appointments, schedule changes, errands, etc. I am barely holding on to reality.  Things keep slipping through the cracks, here and there. But I have managed to stay out of the shrink hospital so far.....

Ok so projects for October are......

Sister Kanzashi remake is about half finished.  I got most of it finished last night while my husband was stuck at work.  5 blossoms down with 1 flower, 1 leaf, and 1 rotational bira bira to go before I can work on mounting. 

Photos are coming soon.  I am bringing back the teapot and have another drop cloth to take away some of the yellow in the background, but I am starting to wonder if it's the light.  So sometime this weekend during the day (which is a tall order in this household) I am going to set up for the new product to be rephotographed.

I am getting photographed as well.  That's for an upcoming project I am not sure if i can give details on yet or not.  But I am headed to the arboretum weekend after next to have my picture taken in formal kimono and kanzashi.  By a professional. And considering I am down 35 lbs since the last time I wore a formal kimono, it might actually fit properly this time!

Then I am starting a white with china red backing rose kanzashi.  I might keep this one, not sure yet. 

Maybe after christmas I can get into my repair box and fix my other rose kanzashi. But with my sister moving back from Australia this christmas and this major project I just signed up for, I am going to be so booked the rest of the year that I think I might close the custom orders down for a while.  I dont want to though.

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