Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Project Updates

I've hit more than a few snags with this tutorial project. First, my camera sucks, cause I am using my phone. Second, my hands shake terribly. It's a side effect of one of my medications called "tremors". 

So between my hands shaking from holding the camera and hands shaking holding petals or whatnot, I couldn't get a clear shot of anything. Let's not even go into what a pain in the ass macro shots are. So i may end up re-doing the rose.  

My hormones have been terribly bad as well. Anxiety is a common enemy, but my arch nemesis at the moment.  But my doctors have news for me which I find out Wednesday.  Honestly I know I have endometriosis again,  despite the surgery in September.  That's really holding me back. But at least it is no longer procrastination, and just plain being sick.

I have opted to supply a large number of small kanzashi to the kickstarter for the tutorial book. That's my main goal for next year.  In the summer I will be moving so keep an eye out for a special sale in the spring!  

But that is honestly the worst of it.  I have had my friend Elizabeth Comer driving me on, and a new camera in my hands, an extension on my deadline, and a holiday bonus from my husband's job. I have just a few christmas things to wrap up and I'll have that off my plate, too.

And I just went through my inventory again and reorganized every thing to boxes. I needed the space since I have had so much new inventory.  But in January I have plans for a big fabric order to cover the pieces i have to make for the kickstarter.  I'm hoping for a few new fabrics in there.  I would love some different pinks and greens and yellows.  

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