Thursday, November 26, 2015


Ok so I have signed up to do this tutorial.  My pictures for the entiere assembly is due tomorrow.  I have 5 pictures out of 100 or more. 
So instead of working on that last night and the night before like I was supposed to, I put up ornament balls on Etsy.  12 of them, precisely.  A bunch of new ones, a couple of remakes, and some holiday ones.  This will be the last batch I do this year, as I have this tutorial project I have been avoiding.

And why avoid it? For no other reason than fear.  I am afraid of this taking longer than it should and not finishing in time to be included.  I am afraid of failure so I'm barely even trying. I swear I am going to work on it tonight, and hopefully I will just turn half my work in late for the rough draft deadline.  But I am having terrible anxiety, since I really only have ONE CHANCE to get this right.  I only have so much of the coral pink color I am using, and that means only ONE FLOWER.  But I have to include photos for each and every step, which means taking a shot, transferring it immediatly to my computer, and checking it before moving on or repeating the process.  Not to mention the time frame I have to work in falls between 8pm and midnight if I'm lucky. Its become a painstaking, tedious process.  Not sure how many of these I am looking to do.  I'm not enjoying the photography part.

But the tutorial will finish in december, and I will do a couple of christmas gifts and probably start making plans for next year. I have promised a supply of hairsticks and bobby pins for the kickstarter campaign for the book, 30 of each.  It's going to be another big project.  But dedicaiton will have to come through, since they are all goign to be the same, and thats a pain when I like to be creative.
I have also offered a $100 custom order, which is substantial for me.  Gotta be top tier to get that reward, lol.

 January is usualy restock time with colors going on clearance for satin and brocade.  I also need a new order of foam bases, since i am down to my last 4 from 30.  Thats a lot of balls, lol.  Ribbons could use a restock as well, and maybe some new bells on christmas clearance. 

And this isn't even everything!
Here i have my supply shot, and unfortunately I am probably goign to have to do it agian, since there are a few things I left out.  But as you can see, kanzashi is a very involved process with a wide vareity of tools and supplies.  My piece is going to be mainly pumpkin orange with a coral pink highligh and a goldenrod yellow throat, accented with tea green leaves.  Not picutred is the cardboard needed for the leaves, a glue board, and I am not sure if I am going to wrap my bira bira tutorial into this or not.  If I do this supply list is going to get WAY more involved. I have been asked to do both, but doing it all as once piece is possible.  I may have to ask the publisher on that one. 

Anyway, new ornaments look great, and I am getting better at the routine of photographing them. I have a lighting system worked out if I can just keep my autistic kid away from the lamps. but with 3 led daylight bulbs I seem to be getting some good results.  Not too hot on the shadows, though I imagine some brightness adjustments would fix that in photoshop.  But they have requested unedited photos, so they are just going to have to work it out themselves.  They have requested a particular format, not sure how long it's going to take for me to do that for every photo. 

So in the end its just a great big pile of wait and see.

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