Thursday, November 19, 2015

Secret project

So I have been working on a to secret project. And I just got the colors of my project laid out and will begin the slow process of documenting it's creation. I have about a week to complete it.
I'm building a tutorial.  And it will be in a book. That will be published.

I am having health problems,  AGAIN. Hopefully since I had 6 vials of blood drawn at my my dr appointment Tuesdays morning, I will soon have a handle on the latest problem. I hope.  Honestly I just have my fingers crossed for no surprises. 

Meanwhile I have been sleeping like crazy and just too low on energy to get any work done after family.  I still have 8-9 ornaments sitting on my desk, and I have not started the tutorial, or anything else for that matter, in the past several days I have intended to work.  

I have made some sales, which is nice.  The EComer Fund is up to $785.  Out of 5k, that's not so great.  Considering I wasn't expecting more than $500, I'm pretty excited. 

And I can't wait till January when I get to restock my ornament fabrics and supplies.  I have worked through all but 4 or 5 of my last shipment of foam balls, which are generally ordered 30-40 at a time!  And not to mention I am completely out of red, green, purple, gold stretch, and several other stock fabrics.  I am also halfway through my latest 1/2 lb box of pins.  And ribbons.  SO far behind on my ribbon stock at the rate I keep making ornaments.  

I finally got those business cards drawn up, and boy do they look awesome!  Only problem is, my printer sucks.  Its a cheap inkjet, and didn't come up with near the quality I had hoped for. So I kinda settled on what I have. Maybe for my next event I can have some real ones printed up instead of the make-it-yourself kind.

I found a Trish Burr book at the library! It just was acquired, needle painting miniature embroidery scenes.  Probably too advanced for me, but I would love to just read it and pick up a few tricks.  When the tutorial is over.  

The tutorial project wraps up for me in December, but I also have Christmas and a sister moving back to the US from Australia to deal with.  Which is why I am not planning anything huge until January.  Like restock on after Christmas sales and such.  

Word of warning, I will be moving this summer.   I am not sure where, I might stay in the Dallas metroplex and I might not.  It will depend on my husband's job and a few other things.  Moving is a big ordeal for us, with my health problems and the autistic nature of my son.  School systems, doctors, commute time, plus proper housing in our price range all have to be considered.  I will probably be shutting down the shop during the transition, for more at least a month or more while I do some business changes.  I will have to change government forms as well.

Don't forget to donate to Elizabeth's Medical Fund and assist her in covering her medical costs!

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