Monday, October 26, 2015

New Ornaments are Up!

Thats 14 listings you are looking at here.


Thats a lot of pictures.

But now that I have some new inventory I am going to go back through and clean out some of the stale stuff.  A friend of mine asked if I would offer some items for silent auction to benefit the McKinney animal shelter.  Which is great! I get to dump my old inventory and make room for new while getting some publicity in town and help out a good cause.  Cause I love fur babies!

Only one problem with that though, I need new business cards.  I haven't printed any with the new Emporium naming and updated informational links.  So I was up till 1am last night working on business cards. And since I actually have a color printer now I am working all kinds of professional looking things.  I have the cards, I just need some new ink and a little time. 

I have a busy week ahead with family, not sure what I am going to accomplish. Especially since now I have come down with a bad cold. 

Don't forget all sales from the shop are going to Elizabeth Comer to help her cover the costs of fighting thyroid cancer.  Click the name to donate directly!

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