Sunday, January 17, 2016

Big Blue Beauty and Kickstarter

So this is the new piece I have been trying to finish.  Life has been busy, but I am making headway in several things holding me back, like my health, money, and family (extended).

So this is a big first kind of piece for me, yet familiar.  It is the first time I have integrated both rounded petals and pointed petals in a spin ok a kiku.  Its also the first time I have put stamens in a rounded petal on a kiku, and the first time I have deviated from the traditional rhinestone center I use.

Only problem gold foil wrapped wire.

Ok so the Darice company used to make a variety of foil wrapped wires in gold, opal, and silver.  I can't find them anymore, and I used the hell out of them.  I need something to cover the glue points in the leaf pieces, and I am completely out of luck.  So I am forced to experiment.  I have picked up a few gold colored ribbons, wrappings, threads, etc.  I will find something that works or this piece shall never be finished.  Espcially since the leaves are already wrapped next to the bud and ready to mount, they are just missing this gold trim to cover the glued tips.

So once I have a solution for that I can do the final wrap on this piece and put on the bira bira dangled and call it done.  I am going to use something else different as well, a new 4 inch hair fork, since this weight of this one calls for special additional support.

I might not put this one in the shop, just saying.  I like her so much I might keep her until I can re-create that wisteria piece again.  Cause she was my all time fav.  But thats after the custom order I have is finished, the cris cross sakura set.  I am still waiting on the fabric for that one.  I am pretty sure the colors will  work, but I have not even had the inventory enough to test them against each other properly.  Luckly one of the colors i need is the same color I am using for the kickstarter, and I still managed to sneak in a few new printed fabric pieces to work with.  So the next few weeks should be kanzashi fun!

Not only that, but I have reached out to/started correspondence with hanatsakuri ! Only one of the people I have watched since I started glue style kanzashi 5 years ago.  Or more, I can't really remember. But I am really starting to feel like the kickstarter tutorial book is turning us into a real community of artisans, instead of a introverted smattering of hobbyist kanzashi lovers.  And if it gained me even one friend, it was totally worth it.  I am so glad I am in this book, its the highlight of my year.  I just hope it doesnt bomb.

For anyone interested in the upcoming kickstarter you can sign up for the newsletter HERE.

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