Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Pieces and ANOTHER Custom Order!

Custom order
 Ok ok ok, so I shut down custom orders, only to have another request come in.  And it was smallish, and I had a week to wait for fabrics to come in, so I took it, and it came out AWESOME! It was an unusual color scheme to work with in the first place, with lots of cream and blue and silver, with spashes of black, a muted purple, and tea green.  Everything is rotational, of course.  But its finished and ready for her approval.

Meantime I was able to photograph and list 3 more pieces, all on hair sticks. 

After all this is said and done, I also finished my final shots needed for my tutorial, and some shots of the kickstarter reward that will be offered when taht kicks off in February.  Due to a glitch, my chirimen hasn't shipped yet, and is a little behind.  I might be able to finish the big blue beauty before that arrives.  She's coming along well, with the bira bira frame made, and final assembly is almost ready.  I just have to make space on my desk to do it, lol. 

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