Friday, January 1, 2016

New Custom Order Design!

Ok, as far as drawing goes, I am not the best artist.  But this gives you a pretty good idea of the next set I am going to make, a custom design for a Amaterasu Cosplay from Okami! But instad of being worn as a hair piece, she has elected to place a bouquet of sakura blossoms in her obi!

With the double pin design, it can be adjusted in a vareity of ways, including on either side of an obi knot, in front together, one on each side (front and back) or hair and obi. 

Each piece will consist of seven blossoms and 2 leaf pieces with a stationary bira bira.  While she has chosen a red and white theme for her cosplay, she chose a coral and peach color design with bright green for leaves and thread wrapping. Therefore it will maintain a versatility as to not be restricted to one cosplay!

Now that my tutorial project has come to a completion and I am moving on to the next phase with that, I feel confident about picking up this job.  But out of fear of over loading myself, I have temporarily shut down custom orders.  Once this job, and maybe a few other tasks, are complete, I will happily open them back up. But until i have a better idea of how my year will be , I am going to err on the side of caution. 

Besides, this is a pretty big job for me.

Now, off to order fabric! Woot!!!!

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