Saturday, April 9, 2016

Living life and Playing Catchup

Life has been interesting lately, and very busy.  But first the Professional News.  Pieces I am making for the TZARTISAN Store are coming along, but slowly.  I have made enough to take example photos of each piece.  This is not a collection of everything I have make, but examples of 2 pieces being offered.  
There are 6 color sets in all, with one hair stick and shidare and the other flat back bobby pins. I have not finished making these, and I may make more than just this.  But there will be plenty up for grabs, as i have committed to make 5 of each.  Each color set.  So lets do the math:

6 colors sets.
5 pieces each.
2 kinds per color set.
90 flowers in all.
I'm going to be doing these a while.

I am working in bursts as I work through colors.  The babypink/coral pink bobby pins are finished, and the midnight purple/tea green are half finished, as are the goldenrod/pumpkin orange.  Truthfully I have lots of each color in stock, but the fabric isn't cut.  And I have aggravated my shoulder to the point of having muscle spasms.  Cutting fabric is hard when you are under a heating pad in bed under the influence of muscle relaxers and pain medications trying to find relief.  So when I run out of a color I just move on to the next. And then I ran out of center parts, so I had to quit for a while.  But hopefully I found enough now to be able to finish the pins.  Then the hair sticks.  So much work.

Not only that, but I am going to be dishing out some new pieces and working on hairstyles for an upcoming photo shoot I am trying to work out.  I have a photographer, I just need a few more kimono pieces and a lot more kanzashi.  I ordered a hairstyle tool kit last night, and since I have so much hair it shouldn't be hard to find versatile options. 

I also hit up my good friend Elizabeth to tell me the secret behind her fabulous pine needle kanzashi she made forever ago.  Ever sicne I saw it, I knew I had to make one.  I am hoping to have that as a centerpiece in my black tomosode.  Maybe with a crane.  :)  Plus I have my semiformal kimono, the cream with print one, and the purple nagoya obi I have.  I was hoping to pick up another kimono or a few obi, but I am not sure if it will happen.  We have had a lot of personal expenses. But hopefully with my upcoming birthday I can get some funding to make it happen.

On personal notes, my heath is finally getting under control.  My son is doing great and moving into a specailzied class for autistic children. My daughter seems to be in contol of her ADHD, and my husband is stable in his job and out enjoying the Star Trek convention in Dallas this weekend.  Things are finally getting better, if i could just get this shoulder to heal.....meh, always something.

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