Sunday, April 17, 2016

TZArtisan store updates and Project updates

Project updates!!!!!!

The 2 big kanzashi pieces I made for the TZArtisan Store are finally available! Big Blue Beauty and the Tutorial Rose are both up for grabs!!!!  Also the first set of Pumpkin Orange/Coral Pink bobby pins are up.  They will probably move pretty fast, so get them while you can!

I have finished the bobby pin sets for midnight purple/tea green, goldenrod/pumpkin orange, and coral pink/baby pink.  They are boxed up and ready to ship out to our team leader, so look for them soon! I still have the ice blue/white set and the black/china red set to complete, plus the hair sticks.

Birthday Present Furisode Kimono
As if I didn't have enough work on my plate, I have another major project underway.  I have scheduled a photo shoot for the new furisode kimono I just got for my upcoming birthday!  I am still shopping for a juban, zori, han-eri, obi, obijime and obiage. I think I know what color scheme I am going for, but the colors are exactly my style. 

Not only that, this new pine kanzashi I am making will fit it's theme perfectly.

I received some wonderful instructions from my best friend ImlothMelui on how to make the pine needle kanzashi! Its going to be an incredible amount of work.  It consists of 90 pieces of wire, 1.5 inches long each.  Then I have to cover every piece of wire in floral tape, and thread wrap in green thread.  Instead of silk, as would be traditional, I am using a rayon machine embroidery thread at 40w.  Super thin, but easy to fix mistakes and difficult to over-wrap, which adds bulk to the piece.  I am already 19 needles in.  But that means I still have a long way to go before assembly.

My photo shoot deadline is June 18.  Hopefully I can get all my pieces made and the kimono pieces assembled before that time. 

I am definitely keeping the pine needle kanzashi once it is completed.  I still regret letting go of the wisteria piece from my last photoshoot.  So photos, lots of photos, but it is NOT going in the shop, lol.

I am also working on graphics for the Etsy store front.  They have changed their layout again, and I am stuck making new graphics for everything.  I was hoping to wait until the photoshoot was done, but that is too far away. So there will be a new final layout for all the sites to match, as we did with the purple, when the photos come back.  Anything I am making currently is just a placeholder. 

On the health front, I have been diagnosed as having muscle spasms, which they have given me plenty of medication for. It helps some, but not as much as it used to.  And yesterday I completely over exerted myself, and I am paying for it today. 

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