Thursday, April 28, 2016

Too many Pine Needles.....

 I'm actually up to 65, but this is the most recent picture I have.

Its been a lot of work, and still alot more to go.  Still another 25 pine needles until I start the next phase: assembly.

Its been a rough week at home, with the entire family down with a bad stomach flu.  Lasts about 3 days with the worst symptoms lasting 12 hours.  I almost wound up in the hospital......but being as severly diabetic as I am, that's not surprising.

But everyone is better now and hopefully I can get some work done.  Its been changing sheets, feeding crackers, and mopping up vomit for 3 days.

I also want to make a few more chirimen pieces for the store, but I have been deep into this project.

And I made a joke in passing i never should have, I admitted I would never be good enough to make my own obijime.  Well, guess what I am trying to do: make my own obijime (the cord that holds the obi in place.  I am cheapening the materials, which i dont normally do, but I am running low on funds with this new kimono.  So satin rattail in plum purple and gold perle metallic thread.  I know for a 5 ft obijime, I will probably need about 20 yards.  So i have to purchase in bulk. And I will need two skeins of the perle thread. I have a pattern I am practicing now, with the simliar materials in different colors (peacock blue and gold).  Hopefully it will look good and I will have enough length to hide the ends. Or I am going to have to make an obidome (a obi broach) which would not be difficult, just more work I have to accomplish.

All in all things are going smoothly, and hopefully I can have this accomplished soon.

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