Monday, May 9, 2016

Behind the scenes and Kitsuke

So this AMAZING piece was a custom order, but she rejected the order so I'm putting it in the shop! I feel very confident that more pieces in this style will come.  That customer, however, will not. (Long story).

Kanzashi is going well, I've been taking some time off to do things like make the obijime for my furisode kimono! The obiage and juban have arrived, which means I can fit/alter the piece as needed.  The juban may need some sleeve length altering, and the date eri is stained beyond repair.  I have 2 on order, thankfully.  Along with new eri-shin and tabi and my obi (which will come in eventually).  I also got orange/gold formal shoes in a 24cm fit.  Hopefully it will fit better than the last pair I had.

Projects on the table are:

1) I have set the pine needle kanzashi aside for a moment.  Still at 65 needles, just needed a break.

2) Still waiting on the rest of my kitsuke setup to come in the mail.  YAY!

3) I have the pieces pictured here needing formal photos, don't know when I will get to that.

4) Still using kumihimo to make my obijime.  It's a violet-purple 2mm stain rattail, with gold perle thread.  I have about 1.5 feet completed, out of 5 feet total.  And yes, there is so much thread on the bobbins they are slipping and not closing completely.  Too much rattail I think.  And the gold threads is so thin compared to rattail, the bobbin just slips off due to lack of resistance. Will have pics of that later.

5) I got a dress form for my birthday! I am really going to get into making those obi belts with the japanese obi fabric I have.  I might even get to re-purpose some kimono at this point, which would be fantastic.  But that will probably wait till fall, when my kids go back to school and I can have a full day free to work.

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