Friday, May 13, 2016

Project Updates Again.

Just some text this time....

I got a revised edition of that custom kanzashi out the door.  It was a long and harrowing experience, one of the few times I regret working custom orders. 

Still haven't done photos yet.  Hense only text.

I am putting the thread wrap on another piece, bright pink with white and highlights of chrome and new grass green, lemon yellow, and pearl stamens galore.  I have to make the shidare and mount an attachment, but it's about 3/4 complete. 

I am still working my obijime with the time to my photo shoot drawing ever closer.  It's about half way complete, and I am still fighting the bobbins like crazy, but I ALMOST think I have a handle on that.

Still haven't wrapped any more needles yet, my station has been covered in chirimen.

Most of my kitsuke parts have arrived, still waiting on my obi and tabi. But my juban, kimono, eri-shin, date-eri, zori, and obiage have all come in.  YAY!

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