Thursday, June 2, 2016

Busy Busy and my Headband how to


Things have been busy behind the scenes.  I finished about 10 or 11 hairbands, and they are great.  I wore one out for a day and it was SOOO comfortable.  I have a new favorite headband.

They are pretty simple to make too.  I can cut about 3-4 tops out of a fat quarter, depending on nap. The underlining is a slightly grainy cotton, and it holds even in my super straight thick-fine hair.  I have given one to my daughter to test it's durability, and even though it is a tad loose on her, it fits her well (she is 8 years old).

They are easy to assemble, you just use a template to cut a top and bottom.  I use heavy duty craft interfacing on each side to help it hold it's shape.  Then machine stitch until almost closed with the right sides together and the 7 inch long elastic (3/8" 50/50 poly/rubber) tucked between the right sides.  I machine stitch the end 3 or 4 times to make sure it doesn't get free.
Turn inside out at the other end, stitch the elastic in by hand about a 1/2".  Then top stitch at 1/4 to 1/8 inch on machine, going over those elastic pieces at least 2-3 times.

I want to make more styles of this, with some of the asian brocades I have left over from ornaments.  But I would rather see if these sell first.  I might make one or two more just for design sake.

 I have also listed the 3 kanzashi I had laying around, the rainy day blue/grey/purple and the 2 new thread wrapped bouquets.  Which means I did photos as well. See? Busy.

I am also helping my daughter with something in the crafter department.  She wants to make things to sell for chairty.  I wholeheartedly agreed and we have been building her etsy site.  Will have more details when we are ready to officialy launch.

My pine needle kanzashi is being brought out even though I had to postpone the photo shoot.  We pushed it back to first weekend in July due to technical difficulties that are not anyone's fault.  Just had to be done.  But my obijime is coming along nicely, its at least 8 foot long now.  I expect it will reach 10 easily before it is completed.  But I need to finish the pine needle kanzashi next or i never will.

After the pine needle is done, I am moving on to a few more personal projects.  I am ordering a new line of sewing machine feet so that I can do things I had no idea were possible.  I have a ruffle foot and a walking foot, but this set I am getting has 32 feet.  Quilting, embroidery, overstitch, binding feet, you name it, this set has it.  Except a side cutter and a daisy foot.   But hey, not bad.

Eventually I am going to get into recycling some of these old nasty looking kimono into something beautiful to wear.  Just need more practice before I sew something like silk.  Or as expensive as a kimono.  I also wish i could repair some of the embroidery but I am just not even close to that yet.

I am also going to be making a few items for the TZARTISAN store.   I hope no one forgot about that.  I still need to do some hair sticks  but I want to make a bouquet or two.  And the new wig promo she posted is amazing!  I totally want the flame one.  It rocks.

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