Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Product Prototype!!!

Side View
 Ok! So!

First prototype down, and I have a lot figured out. (Got this pattern from the book Sew Retro, btw.  Credit to them for the template.)
So, all the fabric has to be cotton.  I used satin for the underside in hopes to improve quality, but slippery fabrics do not hold in MY hair, much less  anyone else.  So, lesson 1 learned.  Cotton.

Secondly, I learned how much elastic to use in the back. The pattern called for a thinner elastic in 5 inches. I purchased a thicker elastic, but it requires more length. 7 inches or more.  Lesson 2 learned.

Third. The hand stitched closure is a pain with craft strength interfacing. 

I am still getting accustomed to using my sewing machine again.  My curve line is not so straight, but the others are quite good!  I have a plethora of quality asian prints I am putting to use for this I have been collecting over the years.  I dont think I am using my woven silk for this pattern.  That will be for the obi patterns I develop later on.

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