Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kanzashi assessment and Upcoming Vacation (not really)

Ok first off, the kanzashi I purchased for JapaneseSilkFlowers on Etsy was absolutely fabulous.  Their fabric was crisp and ROCK HARD.  This sucker was not going to bend a single petal.  The wiring job was a bit lacking in the rigidity of their wires. It was 20 gauge german silver wire, pretty soft. And the attachment to the hair pin needed a bit more work, but I can fix that if need be. Overall their petal work is exceptional and I really like this crane.  And thier bira bira is near perfect and like half the size of mine.  I really want to examine that one more closely.

As for the Vacationn status, that wil probably be coming in the next week or so.  It's not a fun Vacation, since i am cloistering myself in preperation of a month from hell.  Going into bit of my personal history, after being diagnosed with a bijallion different diseases, it looks like my problem has been narrowed down to Celiac.  Not the "i get an upset tummy after gluten" kind of Celiac, that's more like gluten sensitvity.  I am pretty sure I have the genetic total allergic reaction kind Celiac.  And this stuff comes with diseases as side effects, like Type 1 diabetes and other auto immune disorders.  The disease of the day is Endometriosis, which they discovered last year and treated with surgery, to no avail.  They gave me pills and devices and nothing has worked.
Now we are going to try the Lupron shot.  Lupron basicially shuts down your ovaries so you can't product estrogen, which makes Enodmetriotic cells swell and become painful.  Which is great! Except the first month it gives you an estrogen FLUSH, and pushes all the strogen out of your body at once, and from what I hear it's pretty intense.  Night sweats, hot flashes, bone loss, nightmares, insomnia, mood swings, I totally expect (given my bipolar and severly anxious nature) to completely fall apart.  Complete basketcase.  Probably have to go to the hospital for a while (and i mean the mental one, not the i got hurt one).

So in advance of that, I am closing the store the day before my first shot. After the flush i have  series of consecutive shots to go, but there wont be the big estrogen push that comes with the first shot in the series. After I start feeeling better I am gonig to open back up.  But it will probably be 3 weeks at the earliest.

I still have a lot of work to do, like new photos of the new stuff I have made, and I want to reshoot my ornaments.  The background on most of them is too yellow.  and now that my backdrop is clean again, I can get back to that one of those nights I have insomnia.  It will be some time before I can get to kimono photos at this point, and I am kinda ok with that.  Disappointed, but realizing at the same time it's for the best.  Clearing off my plate seems to be the best idea right now. 

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