Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Project Outlines and Updates

JapaneseSilkFlowers Kanzashi
So we had to postpone pictures.
Frankly, finishing as much work as needed to be done was not going to happen.  And I had an axiety attack.  So nothing was completed and I had to cancel last minute. 
Which actually worked out well for my photographer too so it's still ok. 

I was able to pick up this beauty from JapaneseSilkFlowers on Etsy and DevianART.  They are closing shop after 3 years and I am very sorry to see them go.  You can tell why, their work is fantastic. They did everything completely 100% traditional.  And were very accomplished.
I am going to use this piece not only to study how they made it to make a better one from chirimen, but also to use in the up coming photoshoot I will get to eventually.

I made it to 90 pine needles! It was a long hard run, but the worst is over.  Next I have to start assembling my needles onto a stem, and thread wrap them into place.  I am nervous, but I know it is silly.  It is only because I have never made a piece like this before.  I have enough conifdence now I know when I can and can't accomplish something, instead of believing can't all the time

I have a ton of projects in the works.  More fabric headbands to be made, for my shop and my daughter's shop.  I have another round of tie dye to accomplish, plus the last bouquet kanzashi I was making and never finished, AND the kanzashi I need to make for TZArtisan. I have more craft books and sewing books than will fit on my shelves and I am in a good place with that.  Don't even get me started that I was reminded that I need to start building up stock for the christmas season.

I also have a strange personal project, finding my son an autism service dog.  I dont know how much fundraising that is going to entail, but it will most likely be substantial.  I am certainly going to be having a clearance sale dedicated to that when I have some legitimate numbers for reference.  And a garage sale, and I have to sell my house. And I haven't exactly been in the best health. 

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