Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shop Vacation and Project Updates

This is the second piece of the bouquet set.  I decided to keep it as is, with the addition of two large leaf pieces and 3 buds.  Thread wrapped in 40wt Rayon in sage green. 

I kept off the shidare and bira bira attachments to keep it closer to the original, but improved slightly.  The blossoms were all completely disassembled and re-gathered with thread wrapping.  And it has a better hair fork, since the ones I started out with really pull your hair.

I am closing up shop tomorrow for my Lupron vacation (if you want to call it a vacation).  My first injection is imminent, so I am taking the initial preparatory steps.  Anouncements today, closing tomorrow, and my first injection by the end of the week. 

I still have all those hairbands to work on, and many are complete, but I have a whole bunch more to go. 

 And i still have deviantART updates to do.

And I am working temari again!  I made a mari for the first time in years.  Hopefully that will keep me busy in the car line. 

Thats my notes for today.

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