Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Shop Reopening Soon!

You guys know how much I love to give out updates....

Been working on this new pink wisteria piece quite a bit.  It's come quite far in just a few short days.  I have to work on leaves this time, unlike my moronic self last time which I FORGOT to make for the last wisteria piece.

The rest of these are final shots of items that will be in the store.  As you can see, I have really gotten a hang of the botan or peony style kanzashi layering. 

This one is burgundy and black, but kept coming out so red on camera.  It's a beautiful barrette, which I have never really carried before in plethora. Now I have started with 4 and have 6 more to decorate.

The momiji is worth noting because it came out so well in size and dimension.  Its larger than the last single momiji I did, and I want to play with these more.

The last one below is a peony I was experimenting with.  I don't really like the layering, but the colors are fantastic.  I am almost out of this pattern material, going to have to get more if they still carry it. 

I've actually had quite a few colors get discontinued.  A peach, an orange, a few blues and all the violets have gone away.  I am saddened that I can't remake all my pieces now that several of these colors are gone.  But such is life.

I want to reopen the shop this Saturday, October 8, after I get doctor clearance on Friday. So maybe soon.  Right now I am still having severe side effects that will continue until my next dosage on Friday.

Meanwhile I am still working on the pink wisteria! We shall see how it goes.

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