Monday, November 14, 2016

Working Slowly, but Making Progress

New Piece
 Things have been progressing slowly, but coming along well.  I finished a new piece seen on the left, and it was a fun piece to make. I have started a new piece after this one, a nice phoenix. I have almost finished the frame for the head and neck, tail, and legs.  I should have enough fabric for the tail, and hopefully the wings.  Not really sure about that one though. 

 Other things I have been working on is a major donation to the Japanese-American Society of Chicago, who invited me in on their annual Holiday Gala and Silent Auction.  I am extremely excited!!!!
I am shipping off two of my best kanzashi, along with a batch of my new business cards!!! (which was a complete pain.) THe front came out great and the back is a little dark. But I ordered 500 to start and I am going to be passing these things out like crazy.  So there's that.
New Business Card Front!

Other big thing is that I have started a pintrest account! Mainly because saving all these pictures that inspire me to my drop box is killing me.  I dont distribute them, and they are only for my visual inspiration.  But its getting to be a huge file. 

Pintrest has been great in a variety of my artistic aspects.  I get to look at hair styles, which most of them I can't use because my hair is WAY too long.  Like it's all the way down my back kind of long.  But the international display of kanzashi is mesmerizing.  I dont think I could do all of them, the botan petal is only good with silk, though I might try that soon.  I do have some silk lying around. All the color styles, mix of traditional and neo-traditional mixed with kimono specific themes, it is mesmerizing.

Photos are on hold for now, which means no new shop product for a bit.  My table was confiscated for family use (again) and I need a new one but since I have spent so much on business cards and boxes for kanzashi donations and shipping things lately, not to mention a new huge print chirimen rayon order, I am out of funds again. But I have a lot of new supplies like barrette forms (rectangle and oval) and a ton of new inspiration. 

Shipments will be on hold next weekend, as I am going on another camping trip with my daughter.  Should be a blast.  I hope it's not too crazy.  The last one was pretty crazy.  I will have to pack food for this one, since of the meals is not provided. but they have working refrigerators so I think I am going to be ok. 

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