Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kickstarter Rewards

It's getting closer, and us artisans are getting stressed. I know I am, lol!

With some new information from kickstarter we had not previously been aware of, we have to change our kickstarter rewards system, and it's taking a bit longer to submit than we would like. 

For rewards I am contributing:

30 single flower hair sticks
30 bobby pin sets
20 double sakura on hair forks
1 big piece, the exact piece from the tutorial

Kickstarter will not allow us to submit coupon codes or gift certificates as rewards.  Bleh.

This book is a pretty huge deal for most of us and I am really excited to be published.  I just hope we can make our major goals.  And most of us artisans that can are making contributions, so there will be lots of rewards to go around.

My last custom order until mid-year (the big sakura 2 piece set for the obi) is coming along very nicely.  The colors match amazingly well, and I am down to the last few flowers.  still have 4 or 5 to go.  But until my leaf color comes in, I am afraid there isn't much more I can do in the meantime.  Except, of course, kickstarter rewards.

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